Guided by the corporate vision of “building a green enterprise group with the most excellent operation and innovation ability”, Haike Group, in accordance with the “high-end, benchmarking and intelligent” development orientation, makes every effort to promote intelligent innovation-led transformation and upgrading with the construction idea of overall planning, implementation by steps and focusing on development,.

In September 2018, Haike Group became an intelligent manufacturing demonstration unit of private petroleum refinery designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and its intelligent refinery factory became an advanced intelligent manufacturing representative of private petroleum refineries in China.

Overall planning


Haike Group cooperates with Accenture, an international consulting company, to customize a five-year intelligent planning for the Group and build an intelligent “521 project”. It supports efficient operation and promotes intensive development with five platforms, i.e. decision support platform, operation management platform, operation execution platform, intelligent production platform and technology support platform. It ensures orderly promotion and achieves the value of intelligence through application standard system and governance management and control system. It also shapes the organizing ability of comprehensive strength on transformation and development to break through the bottleneck of transformation and drive innovation and development.

  • Intelligent application

    The precondition for Haike Group to explore data value is to build an intelligent system covering the whole Group, which can ensure the linkage and data exchange of entire business of the Group. Thirty-five main information systems and 100% coverage of key business lay the foundation for improving the operational efficiency and management level of Haike Group. Intelligent Cooperative Office System, Intelligent Measurement System, Intelligent Detection LIMS System, Intelligent Production Management System, Intelligent Black Screen System, Advanced Control System, Intelligent Logistics Scheduling System, Intelligent Marketing and Self-service E-commerce System and Intelligent Purchasing System have created tremendous value for the enterprise and its partners.

  • Independent R&D force

    The Group now has more than 200 employees involved in the independent R&D and innovation of intelligent system, who are assigned in key positions of Intelligent Manufacturing System. It has independently researched and developed WEICHEM platform, YOYO-ECO oil station management, meeting management system, intelligent shuttle bus system, knowledge base management system, information-based operation and maintenance management system, etc., and possesses more than 20 copyrights of computer software.

  • Focus on development

    Through the construction of intelligent information system, data transmission and sharing among multi-business links can be achieved, and business can flow efficiently with data as the carrier; enterprise management can change from “intuition-based inefficient decision-making” to “data-based scientific decision-making”, and information system can change from “information island and hierarchical redundancy” to “integrated sharing and flat collaboration”, and production management can change from “passive reaction after the event” to “active predicting action”, so as to achieve the transition from “manufacturing factory” to “intelligent factory”.

  • Future prediction

    Based on the accumulation and precipitation of existing business data such as supply chain, production and finance, the Group gives full play to the role of information-based technology in business, promotes the deep application of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things and AR/VR in production, carries out comprehensive analysis of data and deep exploration of value, and achieves “business-based data” on the basis of “data-based business”. In addition, it gives full play to the business efficiency of data, reduces the cost of enterprise management, improves business efficiency, and guarantees the digital transformation of the Group.

Results of Haike’s intelligent construction