Officially founded

  • Officially founded

    On April 10th, 2019, the founding meeting of Haike Research Institute was inaugurated in the meeting room on the 11th floor of Haike Building. YANG Xiaohong, chairman of the board of directors, ZHANG Zaizhong, president of Haike Group, and MIU Chuxiao, vice president of Haike Group attended the meeting. Doctor MA Junqing worked as the dean of Haike Research Institute.

  • Founding decision

    On December 29th, 2018, Haike Group decided to establish Haike Research Institute.

The strategic significance of Haike Research Institute


Four major management centers

  • Technology R&D center

    Make technology innovation based on customer demands and build one technology innovation sharing platform, which serves for the transformation and new business development and provides driving force for the future development of Haike Group.

  • R&D management center

    Develop into the management and regulation platform for R&D personnel, R&D equipment, R&D knowledge and R&D project of Haike Group.

  • R&D resource integration center

    Build one platform for industry technology cooperation and projection introduction. Guided by the sensitivity to the market and the technology, it will establish cooperation with R&D institutes, partners and universities to introduce proper investment projects for Haike Group.

  • Strategy support center

    Work with advanced market management and technology scanning method, and organize competitive resources to study the industry trends and competition status; timely find market opportunities and propose strategic decision suggestions to the senior management of Haike Group; organize think tank resources to provide support for the Group decision making.

Create core competitive power

Break the conventional single R&D mode and create a diversified R&D management system, which aims to realize business breakthrough under the guidance of technology and provide sustainable driving force for the development of Haike Group.


Three major R&D centers of Haike Research Institute

Haike Research Institute sets up Dongying Institute and Shanghai Institute. Dongying Institute is located near three major production bases of Haike Group, with strong economic foundation and reliable industry layout. It commits to promoting the great development of the institute. Shanghai Institute has advantages in talent supply and customer concentration, and can accelerate the rapid development of the institute. Two branch institutes have their own advantages and can give full play to their strength to promote the comprehensive development of Haike Research Institute.                。

  • center of special chemicals

    Undertake the strategic transformation mission of Haike Group, and provide application exploration technology and upgrading service for existing business sectors; enrich current product structure, expand existing business line and depth; endeavour to build Haike Group into one top special chemical company.

  • New Energy Material R&D center

    Integrate new Energy Material R&D resources of Haike Group; link PCT soft carbon of Korea, high quality membrane of Anhui, graphene and conductive slurry of OBO New Materials together to provide full chain technology and service in the field of battery, and become one leading player in fields of solvent, electrolyte and additives; contribute to the development of global new energy industry.

Talent center and innovation incubator

Haike Research Institute has 50 employees, including 8 PhDs and 33 masters; it implements the talent strategy and continues to introduce overseas experts and leading specialists in the industry. To the end of 2019, the staff scale will reach 100, and to 300 by the year of 2021.

  • The proportion of PhDs: 16%

  • The proportion of masters: 66%

  • The proportion of bachelors: 18%

The patent increases at high speed

The patent number shows exponential growth

  • Patent application trend chart

  • Patent application and license situation in recent five years

Innovation system building


Sophisticated R&D process


Take High-tech achievement transformation as the media, Work as the new driver for Group strategic transformation

  • Build one agile and effective R&D team and create one industry R&D application enterprise and platform leading in China. We have consulted many world well-known think tanks including Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Accenture and HEJUN Consulting, and learnt their advanced experience and R&D concept. In the future, we will take HUAWEI, BASF and 3M as our model and position to be leading in China and face the global market. We will take open innovation as our development purpose, follow the customer centered value orientation and build one industry top R&D institute leading in China with international view. Additionally, we will proceed to the target of enhancing innovation capacity and promoting the industrialization of technological achievement, and focus on the R&D of electronic chemicals and new energy technology, and develop and establish a series of core technologies. Furthermore, we will approach to the high end of the industrial value chain, and make arrangement plan in fields of electronic chemicals, new materials and energy storage, and cultivate new and high technology industry; power on the driving force of technology innovation and realize business breakthrough with leading technology. All these efforts will provide continuous driving force to the development of Haike Group and empower it into the World Top 500.